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‘Prometheus’ reconsidered

June 28, 2012

I got to watch Prometheus in IMAX 3D. I think the ticket cost $14.50, but oh my, was the visual experience gorgeous. (Caution: Spoilers ahead!)

The script, unfortunately, was not improved by the experience, although I did get a smidgen more insight into the character of Charlie Holloway. He is very intelligent, yes, but also impulsive and blinded by his vision of contact with the Engineers.

Holloway mutters a key line to himself in the scene in the storage room, the one with the giant head. Having wandered off alone, after taking in the details, he says something like, “It’s just another tomb.” Well, it’s just the most fantastic tomb ever discovered by humans, but this sentence and Holloway’s pensive delivery establishes that the scientist was — in his way — as determined as Peter Weyland to meet the Engineers.

Thus it makes sense that as soon as the decapitated Engineer head explodes, Holloway — already clutching a bottle of alcohol — proceeds full speed ahead to get his drunk on. You can’t have any enlightening conversations with aliens if they’re all dead.

Sadly, none of the other plots holes in Prometheus could be cleared up by my second viewing. Why did Weyland pretend to be dead? Don’t know. Why does the ship keep on losing track of Fifield and Millburn? Not sure. Why does the Engineer pursue Dr. Elizabeth Shaw after his ship crashes? Unclear.

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